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BMW E21 (Minichamps 1/43)

The BMW E21 was the original BMW series 3 model. It was produced from 1975 to 1983, when it was superseded by the E30. When it appeared in the market, there were three models available, offering a variety of engine sizes. They all had the BMW M10 engine with four cylinders, but the customer had the choice of the 316 (1.6 litres), 318 (1.8 litres) and the 320 (2.0 litres).

Minichamps 1/43 BMW E21 1975


The E21s brought in in 1977 had a big alteration under the bonnet. The M10 engines had been replaced by the six-cylinder M20. In 1979/1980 the four-cylinder engines were improved, increasing the brake horsepower. In 1981 a new model, the entry level 315 was introduced with the 75 brake horsepower 1.6 litre M10 engine.

Its interior design was revolutionary, with the central console angled towards the driver.

It was the first BMW to sell more than 1 million units; 1,364,039 were made in total in its production years. The BMW 3 series is still around today, with the F30 unveiled in October 2011, and expected to be available in showrooms from February 2012. This model now sells more units than any other BMW model, and is the best-selling car in its class.

Minichamps 1/43 BMW E21 1975


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