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Citröen 2CV 6 Charleston 1984 (Welly 1/24)

Welly 1/24 Citröen 2CV 6 Charleston 1984

The birth of the Citroen 2CV dates back to the mid 1930s, when the engineer Pierre Jules Boulanger (who would later become the head of Citroen after it was taken over by the firm Michelin in 1934) began the task of building a new car, whose requirements were:

  • That it should be suitable for the country side, seat two people, and that they should be able to sit down inside without taking off their hat.
  • Capable of reaching 60 km/h (37mph) with a maximum fuel consumption of 3l/100km (78 mpg)
  • Capable of being loaded with an extra 50 kg of weight.

Given these requirements, they built 250 prototypes in 1939, but with the start of WWII and the invasion of France, most were destroyed. Nowadays few remain which were kept hidden during the war, at the same time that they were developing a secret project known as the TPV (Toute Petite Voiture, or ‘very small car’ in English)

In 1948 at the Paris Motor Show they unveiled it, with the look it had kept throughout the duration of its production, and equipped with a 375cc engine with 9 hp.

Over the years they made small improvements and developments to the engine, before arriving at the latest version with 602 cc (2CV 6) and 35 hp, having also changed the shape of the headlights, the direction the doors opened, added a back window, and made various other visual changes.

In 1967 (after nearly 20 years of producing the 2CV) they revealed its successor, the Citroen Acadiane (Citroën Dyane 6 in the British market), but the 2CV continued to have lots of supporters and sell well, so much so, that when it stopped producing the Dyane 6 in 1983 (after 16 years of production and 1.6 million vehicles sold, which is certainly not bad!) the 2CV stayed in production, and did so until 1990, finishing with a staggering 5.1 million units produced (including 1.2 million units of the 2CV Fourgonnette van) during the period of 42 years.

The 2CV 6 Charleston was unveiled in 1980, with a 2 colour design, work of Serge Gevin whose intention was to give it a retro look, and was successful. The colour combinations that they offered were:

  • Delage red/ black, in 1981
  • Charleston yellow / black, in 1983
  • Cormorant grey / midnight grey, which was available from 1984, and is the miniature which corresponds to our article.

As well as the new range of colours, they also introduced some other improvements on the latest series:

  • Front brake discs
  • Chrome-plated headlights
  • A repositionable rear view mirror to prevent glare
  • New seatbelts
  • and more.

Welly 1/24 Citröen 2CV 6 Charleston 1984

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