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Lincoln Continental MKV 1979 (PremiumX Models 1/43)

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 by one of the founders of Cadillac, and through many financial problems it was acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1922.  Lincoln became a luxury make within Ford, not unlike Cadillac in General Motors.  Lincoln, Cadillac and Dusenberg have been, for many years, the North American luxury car makers with the most successful sales.

The Continental is a model with a detailed trajectory, which had already been manufactured from 1939 to 2002 in a total of 9 generations, from the Mark I (1939-1948) to the Mark IX (1998-2002), including the Mark V (1970-1979), the focus of this article.

The Mark V generation, different from the old generations when the convertible version was available, offers only the 2 and 4 door hardtop models, eliminating the possibility of the “suicidal” opening of the front doors of the Mark IV.  The Mark V established a practice that in later years would be habitual for the majority of manufacturers, which was to share a common platform for various models; in this case the Mark V shares a platform/ chassis with the Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis.  The same is true of the motor, which from 1972 was not yet specific for the Lincolns, but was shared between various models.  Within this fifth generation appeared different series, like the Town Car, which had a sliding roof (more typical of limousines in that time) and the disc brakes.  There were also many small changes made, like the grill on the radiator, the enlargement of the bumpers to comply with the current regulations, etc.

In the Premium X Models model, we must emphasize the high level of detail of the rims, which have the emblem in the center, as well as the elegant front grill and tailgate in the form of a half wheel, with the letters CONTINENTAL and the emblem perfectly reflected.

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