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Renault 636RZ Ares (Joal 1/32)

Joal 1/32 Renault 636RZ Ares

The Renault Ares 636 RZ was manufactured during the years of 2002-2003. Although this vehicle is primarily agricultural, it is equipped with commodities such as air conditioning that makes for a more comfortable ride, despite having to bear more than 70 Db of noise. The cabin has two doors (one on each side) and two windows (front and back).

It is equipped with a John Deere DPS 6068 TRT54 motor (6 cyllinders, 6788 cc and 110 HP, water cooled) with medium consumption during a normal day’s work, such as dragging a load at a low velocity, that can oscillate between 15 and 25 liters per hour (3.3-5.5 gallons/hour), and its 220 liter (48 gallon) tank allows for 9-14 hours of work without having to refill. It has four-wheel drive and is capable of moving a load more than 8,400 Kg (9 tons), due to its weight of 6,300 Kg (7 tons).

In motion it reaches up to 40 km/h (25 mph).


Length: 6.15m/20ft

Width: 2.55m/8.4ft

Height: 2.95m/ 9.7ft


Front: 16.9 R 28

Back: 20.8 R 38

The miniature presented by Joal has prominent characteristics, including the movement of the front wheels (both in a turning and up/down rotation), as well as the rotating hook at the back.

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Joal 1/32 Renault 636RZ Ares

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