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Ford Capri MKII 1974 ( Otto Mobile 1/18)

Otto Mobile 1/18 Ford Capri MKII 1974

Ford Capri MKII 1974 Otto Mobile 1:18 blogdiecast


The Ford Capri saga (excluding other models also named after the famous Italian island, like Consula Capri or the Lincoln Capri which were both made in the US ) was manufactured by Ford Europa for 17 years between 1969 and1986 inthree distinguishing generations:

• MkI (1969 to 1974) with 1.2 million units sold


• MkII (1974 to 1978) with 513,000 units sold and the subject of this article


• MkIII (1978 to 1986) with 170,000 units sold


The exterior of the Capri MkII differs from that of the first generation due to it new broadened headlights, shortened hood, elongated body and widened tailgate which provided easier access to the boot. In addition, improvements were made to the front brakes, the front control panel was redesigned, and a smaller steering wheel was added.


 After the oil crisis of 1973, mileage features received much more attention. Because of this, the new engines ranged between the minimum of 1,300cc with 57 HP and the maximum of 2,000cc with 98 HP. They also produced a luxury version (named the S or Ghia) the featured a motor of 3,000cc with 138HP to satisfy those with higher demands in terms of power.


Interestingly, Ford created the Capri model to export the concept of the “pony car” to European consumers. The “pony car,” which is characterized by its medium-large size, short rear, and elongated front, garnered much success in the US because of the Mustang, a car that is still both popular and profitable in its fifth generation of production. This popularity added sales in the American market, helping the MkI through MkIII Capris reach manufacturing numbers of more than 1.8 million through 1986.


Ford has announced that the Capri MkIV (whose Evos prototype gave us a preview of its elegant, muscle car-esk design and four gullwing doors) will make its debut in 2013 and we are excitedly awaiting its arrival.


Here, Otto Mobile again presents us with a highly detailed model that achieves a high degree of realism. The tires, wheels, and headlights are finely represented and the color contrast of white body to brown roof and tailgate makes this model a stand out in any collection.


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